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Chai Company

Area of Design Delivered
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding (Brand book - Logo, colours, visual direction) 
  • Asset Build - Custom gouache illustrations
  • Digital Strategy - UX Design
  • Digital Design - UI Design
  • Shopify Plus Development
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Position Kumari Chai Tea as the authentic blend of traditional Indian chai and modern Western lifestyle, emphasising a health-conscious and stylish narrative. Through a visually captivating brand identity and comprehensive digital presence, establish Kumari Chai as the go-to choice for those seeking a unique, culturally rich tea experience.


1. Market Leadership: Secure a dominant position in the Western chai tea market, achieving high brand recognition and outperforming competitors in sales.

2. Cultural Connection: Establish Kumarri Chai as the authentic choice by forging a deep cultural connection, ensuring the brand becomes synonymous with the rich traditions of Indian chai.

3. Digital Engagement: Strengthen brand loyalty and expand the customer base through a robust digital strategy, fostering continuous online engagement and community building.

Branding & Strategy

The Daughters of India

The everyday moments in life

Kumarī Chai Tea is not just a beverage; it's a celebration of womanhood, diversity, and the beauty found in the small moments of everyday life. The branding concept revolves around creating a holistic experience that resonates with the modern daughters of India.

Digital Design & Development
Digital Design

Strategy Focus Pillars

B2B and B2C Integration: Streamline user paths for both B2B trade and B2C customers through tailored website design, clear navigation, and efficient order processing, ensuring a cohesive and optimized digital experience across diverse business channels.

Subscription Experience: Elevate customer loyalty by designing an intuitive subscription interface, featuring personalized content, and ensuring a seamless journey for repeat customers seeking convenience and customization.

Brand Immersion: Craft a visually captivating digital design to bring Kumarri Chai's cultural richness to life, creating an immersive online experience that resonates with the brand's authenticity.

"Kumarri is all about the little moments in life. This brand concept was the centre point to the strategy, shaping everything from the name to the custom gouache illustrations that define the visual style. Leveraging this approach, the aim was to breathe life into Kumarri and introduce it to a Western market"

Lili . M . X . Price - Founder & Creative director
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