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The Internet of Senses

Holition Talks Visual Style

Area of Design Delivered
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing assets static & Motion
  • Branding (Brand book - Logo, colours, visual direction) 
  • 3D abstract Asset Build in Cinema  4d
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Holition launched Holition talks event series, to discuss relevant topics that linked with Holition's culture and interests in the company. The brief was to create Holition talks visual style for 2021. The first talk was the Internet of Senses. Holition wanted to position the talk as more series tone, futuristic and sleek.


1. To create an identity that really stands out and captures Holition's audience on Linkedin and Instagram.

2. To increase engagement throughout all of Holition on all platforms and to build and nurture new existing client relations.  

3. To communicate and establish that they are experts and industry leaders in the relevant fields.


I created an visual style that established Holition as expert's in the area of The internet of Sense. I designed a c4d model that, represents the internet. The middle part represents the world and the energy that the internet has within our society. The different colours within this ball represents the 6 senses. The wire structure that moves around the circle represents the internet up in space and how it surrounds our world.

Instagram Posts
Instagram Story
C4D asset build

Project Completed at Holition:
- Creative Direction / Tommy Howard & Sasha Hardway
- UX, Copy & Marketing Strategy / Jonathan Chippindale, Ana Maria Moutinho, Isabel Regnio

"The visual direction was anchored by abstract thinking, considering that the internet is intangible and cannot be physically seen. The custom Cinema 4D (c4d) abstract model, designed to represent the internet, played a pivotal role in shaping the entire project"

Lili . M . X . Price - Founder & Creative director
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