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1. Project Intro
1. Branding & Strategy
2. Digital Design & Development
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The Ocean Garden

Gin Startup

Expertise of Design Delivered:
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming & Storytelling
  • Branding (Brand Book - Logo, colours, visual direction) 
  • Visual Identity & Graphic Asset build
  • Digital Strategy - UX Design  
  • Digital Design - UI Design
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Brief & Goals of project

To create a non alcoholic gin company around distilled seaweed.The brand should transcend the typical health-focused narrative and instead focus on immersive brand storytelling and lifestyle, resonating with a diverse audience.

This project aims to establish a clear and compelling brand strategy that will serve as the foundation for all creative assets. Branding, Asset build, Digital strategy, UX & UI Design.

Over View of Brand

The Ocean's Garden, proudly crafted in UK - Salcombe, introduces a line of non-alcoholic gin infused with locally harvested seaweed. Our innovative beverage is  a clean and delightful drinking experience.

Beyond exceptional taste, the infusion of seaweed brings health benefits for the gut, making The Ocean's Garden a choice that not only indulges the palate but also supports well-being with a nod to the rich marine heritage of the British coast.

Branding & Strategy
Morden feel with a balance of luxury editorial with hint of traditional  tone.
Timeless Maritime Beach House Club

Embracing a modern and luxurious editorial tone, our brand strategy is curated to evoke the essence of a sophisticated beach house retreat. Picture a palette inspired by the earthy tones of the seaside, complemented by a touch of opulence reminiscent of a high-end lifestyle magazine. With a subtle nod to the traditional allure of a 1920s beachside haven, our brand invites you into a realm where contemporary elegance meets the tranquil vibes of the ocean. This fusion creates a unique identity that mirrors the refined atmosphere of a beach house, offering a modern retreat with a classic touch for those seeking a coastal-inspired indulgence.

Digital Design & Development

The Ocean's Garden's digital design main goal was to provide a seamless e-commerce experience on Shopify. However, the emphasis went beyond functionality, aiming to immerse the target audience in an engaging brand story. The design ensures clarity and cleanliness while offering a unique and memorable experience for users.

Digital Design

Strategy Focus Pillars

1. Modern, editorial with a hint of traditional  layout which conveys the brand’s values.

2. Creating a strong, simple & effortless user journey focusing on conversions & repeat customers.

3. Bring to life The ocean garden strong brand values through the use of storytelling in a digital aspect using micro animations & motion graphics, to immerse the user in the brand story.

4. To educate the users brand USP in a clear, visual and consider way  about how their gin is healthy, Non-alcoholic yet tasty luxurious brand.

Thank you for exploring The Ocean Garden's case Study. It was a fantastic creative project to work on, blending the worlds of immersive brand storytelling and the e-comers.

Lili . M . X . Price - Founder & Creative director
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